About us

Upper Woodburn is a woodland and three self-catering cottages just north of Glasgow at the foot of the Campsie Fells. Our aim is to provide a fantastic holiday retreat for people who love the peacefulness of a woodland setting, but also want to be close to all sorts of activities and places to visit. We want to create a positive impact locally, and in the conservation of the woodland while minimising our environmental impact.

The Woods

The woodlands are classified as upland oak ancient woodlands, which is particularly rare in the area. We have an abundance of wildlife with an incredible spectacle of bluebells in spring, an ancient badger sett and loads of bats. There are dippers along the burn and an incredible dawn chorus from April-end June (if you can get up early enough…)

Caring about the future

This place has a fascinating history, as told in a letter passed from one steward of this place to the next. And we take our responsibilities of stewardship for this very special place extremely seriously and and have a plan to restore the oak woodlands, which currently have no regeneration due to deer browsing and are threatened by advancing rhododendrons. Guests and locals are free to join in with our regular conservation work-parties which include rhododendron bashing, tree-planting, and lots of cake.

Upper Woodburn is great for access to public transport and – despite feeling remote – it is perfectly possible to have a holiday here without a car.

We’re just getting started but there are already solar panels to power the new, extremely energy-efficient Roundhouse, and we are planning to tap into the energy of the burn in future to try and make the site a net producer of energy.

Residencies for Activists and Artists

For several weeks in Spring, Autumn and Winter, we will make the cottages available for free as a place of retreat for local activists campaigning for environmental and social justice, and for artists, particularly those who use activism as part of their practice. More info.

Get in Touch!

Kat Jones and Ruedi Nager, Upper Woodburn, Milton of Campsie, G66 8AN


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