25th July 2021

We went badger watching last night. Inspired by the photos of a guest, Lee Mills, who managed to capture some photos of badgers really close up while on a walk through the woods, we decided to go on a stake out.

We had the essentials- midge head-nets, snacks and a picnic blanket to sit on and we took it a few hundred yards up behind the house close to one of the badger runs and just sat. As the dusk settled we heard rustling and then saw a badger tobogganing down a steep mud slope and trot along the path below us. Soon after another followed and another and we watched them for an hour foraging and wandering around the little gulley.


5th June 2021

I have a troublesome relationship with rhododendrons. On the one hand Rhododenron ponticum is a highly invasive species that is a particular menace to Scotland’s rare habitats, particularly the west coast’s Atlantic oak woodlands. And on the other hand they are absolutely stunning when in full bloom. But it’s not just the ponticum we have here – there are lots of incredible specimen rhododendrons too. I’ll need to get rid of the ponticum at some point but this year ….. I just enjoyed them

Here’s some more photos ….

An Ocean of Bluebells

10th May 2021

The bluebells are looking absolutely astounding this week. The ground is so densely covered with them we had to walk really carefully to get these photos. The wood sorrel is also flowering – also called the Alleluia flower because it flowers between Easter and Pentecost…. which I suppose is about this time of year! Sitting in the woodland listening to the birds singing was something really special.

Here’s some more photos ….

Woodcock walks

15 March 2021

Today I saw two woodcock – I flushed them out of the fallen leaves in two different parts of the wood. As one of them clattered off I heard a Nuthatch – relative new-comers to Scotland from further south, but they are a particular favourite of mind with their call that I always think sounds like a man whistling for his dog