Interdisciplinary Residency

We are delighted to be hosting an interdisciplinary residency organised by Dr Emily Doolittle, of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Emily is a Canadian composer and zoomusicologist. This retreat is for academics and artists from the Royal Conservatoire and St Andrews University (and their collaborators) but will be a pilot for future artist residencies atContinue reading “Interdisciplinary Residency”

Good Rhodies – Bad Rhodies!

22 April 2022 We’ve got all sorts of rhododendrons at Upper Woodburn. Some specimen ‘nice’ rhododendrons that don’t spread and look beautiful and are generally well behaved. Like this beautiful red one that sets off the sunset behind the roundhouse so nicely and has just flowered this week. Unfortunately we also have plenty of theContinue reading “Good Rhodies – Bad Rhodies!”