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Come and join us for a week with Cross Cut (a cooperative of women who design & build ecological, sustainable structures) taking part in a 5-day supported hut build. We’ll be learning as we construct a small, off-grid, timber-framed hut.

We’re building an insulated wooden hut on the site of an old potting shed that will act as an artists studio, meeting place for our artists residencies, and a base for researchers working on the woodland birds. The start of the hut construction will take place at the Hut Building course in Falkland and will be dismantled and transported to Upper Woodburn afterwards, where Cross Cut will be supporting the build, and will instruct participants in the use of equipment, skills and principles of building an off-grid hut.

Monday 6 – Friday 10 June

We hope the week will, not only be a time to learn new skills, but a time to make new connections with others in a beautiful place. There will be time for exploring the woods and relaxing together over food in the evenings.

We have accommodation in the Pavilion and the Roundhouse for participants to stay in, or you can come on a daily basis if you live nearby – there are buses that stop at the end of the drive that start at Buchanan Street Bus station in Glasgow, and stop at Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth.

So if you’re interested in hut design and off-grid buildings and are want to get an overview of how to build them – come along and join in!

More Information

Cross Cut is a cooperative of women who design & build ecological, sustainable structures from locally sourced timber, and regularly run workshops to pass on their passion and skills to others. They will be keeping us on the straight-and-narrow during the week. Cross Cut are running a Build School at Falkland in May and the hut they are building during that week will be reconstructed during this work-party saving time so that we can experience the whole process of building, insulating and cladding a hut in an accelerated timeframe.

All participants need to be over 18 years old.


The cost will be £250 for the five days including all lunches.

Accommodation (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri) is provided in the Pavilion and the Roundhouse and will cost £150 per person sharing a room (if we can make this work with the numbers) and £250 if you have a room to yourself. If you are staying in our self-catering accommodation, just bring your own breakfasts, lunch is provided and we will coordinate about shared evening meals when we know who is coming (cost not included). Accommodation in the Roundhouse only is available Sunday 5th at a small additional cost.

About Upper Woodburn:

Upper Woodburn is a small native woodland at the foot of the Campsie Fells with three self-catering cottages. June is a wonderful time in the woods and gardens with incredible wildlife and the rhododendrons in full bloom (we are working on a plan of how to remove the rhododendron ponticum but, until then, they will look spectacular in June!). The dawn chorus will be at its height – if you can get up at 5am…. You can find more information about us here:

Optional Activities

We are just getting started at Upper Woodburn, having taken over this magical place in June 2021, so are experimenting with additional activities. With it being June and the height of the dawn chorus, Kat will run an optional extra activity of a dawn chorus walk if there is demand – for those that need help in identifying the species – and an evening badger stake-out.

If you are interested in either of these let us know when you book.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Kat

Cross Cut are a worker’s cooperative who combine the passing on of skills for sustainable building within their own construction work and projects and are established to be accessible, collaborative, affordable and sustainable in what they do. – Photo Cross Cut –

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